Todd and Larry Roast Down A Christmas Vacation
Season 1, Episode 1
TV (none)
Guest stars Fergari Weda as Santa Claus

Hana Whang as Grandma

Production code 1a
Air date December 15, 1979
Written by Kaba Olyseca
Directed by Kaba Olyseca
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Todd and Larry Roast Down A Christmas Vacation, also known as Todd & Larry Christmas Special, is the debut episode of Todd & Larry. It aired on December 15, 1979.


Todd and Larry are ready to celebrate Christmas. The show starts when Todd and Larry wake up. Later, at Larryburg Elementary School, everyone sings Jingle Bells. Then, Claudia (was then 7 years old) was dragged off the chorus for singing the wrong lyrics (Jingle bells, Suzanne loves, jingle all the way). Mom gasps. The audience is seen booing at the chorus. Then, to prepare Santa's arrival, Todd and Larry used Christmas decorations to decorate the entire city. Santa is seen at the mall holding children and asking them what they want for Christmas. Then, Todd and Larry arrive at the mall. He wanted a boat, a pinball machine, a VW Beetle, and the Olympic Rings. Larry wanted the same thing. The Winchetti family then sing "O Christmas Tree". They finally open the presents. THE END.


  • Although this was the first episode of Todd & Larry, the episode airs reruns on TV Land.
  • Unlike other episodes, the episode did not have a TV gag nor a pipe banging gag.


  • This is the first episode of the currently-airing TV series Todd & Larry.
  • Over 15.5 million viewers watched the episode on its original airdate. This is now history.

Characters introducedEdit

  • Claudia
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Todd
  • Vobra
  • Kada
  • Mana
  • Pera (not seen again until "The Whang Clones")
  • many others
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