Hi! My name is Todd Whunuka!
Vital statistics
Title Todd & Larry
Gender Male
Nationality American
Faction Good - Moderate
Health Good
Age 27
Status Good (sometimes bossy)
Location Larryburg,CA,U.S.A.
Voiced by Sam Martin (seasons 1-23)

Timmy Noda (season 24 onwards)

First appearance Todd and Larry Roast Down A Christmas Vacation

Todd is a fictional creature that resembles a small potato. He is the yellow one. He and Larry are the two main characters in Todd and Larry.


  • In "Graduation" he can start to run super-fast.
  • In "The Whang Clones" he is Larry's bodyguard, best friend, and older than Larry. He can run up stairs, duplicate himself, swim, run on water, and break glass. He can also fly, carry objects 3,000 times his own weight, stretch his arms and legs longer without injury, and freeze water.
  • In the other episodes he can move cars, squeeze into tight spaces, carry homes, streetlamps, and traffic lights.


He first appeared in the second season and has appeared ever since.

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