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To the Fair!
Season 25, Episode 15
TV A picture of Walt Lazy World.
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Air date March 22, 2006
Written by Silverio Goodwin
Directed by Mr. Silverio
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To The Fair! is the fifteenth episode of the twenty-fifth season of Todd and Larry. It aired on March 22, 2006.


Todd and Larry were watching the grand opening of Walt Lazy World on their TV. Later, they receive a phone call from LazyCOT. Then they arrive in Florida, where Walt Lazy World is located. There are four theme parks: Lagic Lazy Lingdom, LazyCOT, Lazy-LGL Studios, And The Really Really Really Really Really Really Lazy Safari Park. The slogan reads: Where your dreams become nightmares. Later that day, the people of LazyCOT are running for their lives.

Episode (contains spoilers)[]

Todd and Larry watch the grand opening[]

On TV, Todd and Larry are watching TV in their house the grand opening of Walt Lazy World, a new theme park resort opened by the great Scott Lazy. He declares the park safe for everyone, and he opens the resort to the public. Excited for the park's opening, Todd and Larry decide to go to Walt Lazy World. Meanwhile at Walt Lazy World, Scott Lazy, the owner of the park, sees a potential for his company, Lazy Productions, Inc, to make huge amounts of money. He places chips in the tickets to force them to stay in the park every day. As a result, the visitors cannot leave Lazy World without Lazy's permission. 

Todd and Larry invite Nasha[]

Todd and Larry, still in Larryburg, come over to Nasha's house to invite her to Walt Lazy World. She claims that she has a date with someone that day, so Todd and Larry wait for her to respond. However, a phone call comes in from LazyCOT, so Todd answers it. The caller says that Todd and Larry are not allowed into the park, and threatens to kill them should they enter Lazy World. Todd, thinking that the caller's kidding, hangs up. Eventually, Nasha, concerned after the threatening call, decides to go with them to Florida anyway.

Walt Lazy World[]

After the commercial break, the three arrive at Walt Lazy World, though with Todd and Larry in disguise. Nasha, concerned, says to them, "Are you sure you want to come? Because there's a lot of security." Todd ignores her question, and the three proceed to the gate. However, the nightmares began as soon as they entered the gate. Pain Street Station collapses, and the train derails.

TV Gag[]

Walt Lazy World. An good evil place where your dreams are true a big giant villianous nightmare.

Pipe banging gag[]

The scene where they get on Lazyship Earth.