Suzanne Whang
Suzanne Whang - Todd & Larry version
A promotional photo of Suzanne Whang.
Vital statistics
Title Todd & Larry
Gender Female
Nationality Korean-American
Faction Good
Health Good
Age 43
Status Good
Location Unknown
Voiced by Suzanne Whang
First appearance The Whang Clones

Suzanne is one of the 5 minor characters of Todd & Larry (the others being Grandma, Grandpa, Mildy and Vobra). She is voiced by the actress of the same name.


It is unknown if she has abilities or not. Maybe not.


  • The Whang Clones
  • Attack of the HGTV Characters
  • Attack of the 50 foot...Something
  • Ol' Rodeo (cameo)
  • The Adventures of Suzanne and Colette
  • Todd and Larry's St. Patrick's Day Showdown (in TV gag)
  • Whang On Mars
  • Suzanne With A Secret (1hr special)
  • Mango Road (cameo)


Claudia, who is identical to her.


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