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Vital statistics
Type City
Level none
Location California, United States
Inhabitants 4,500,000 (To The Fair!)

5,104,699 (2010 census)

Larryburg is the setting of Todd & Larry. It has over 5,000,000 people.


Most of the city's history is how Los Angeles was formed. According to Supervehicle, the city reached 51,000 in 1804.



Amala Department StoreEdit

The primary fashion store. Much of it parodies Macy's. Todd and Larry once went there, but he said that fashion was too much. The Fashion Designer works here.

Antrack StationEdit

The station was seen in several episodes. In 1962 Todd's parents came to Larryburg some time in that year. It is Larryburg's main train station.

Bank of LarryburgEdit

Appeared in Attack of the HGTV Characters. Todd and Larry wanted $10,000 to save the pledge.

Claudia's HouseEdit

The house where Claudia lives. She lives there with Suzanne, Toblue, and Katrina. It appeared in "Teletodd".

Downtown skylineEdit

LONA CenterEdit

A parody of the AON Center.

Larryburg TowerEdit

A parody of the U.S. Bank Tower.

City HallEdit

Delloba Public SchoolEdit

A parody of Hollywood High School.


A unusual parody of Hollywood. The place is home to Larrynese Theater, Pancifica Theater, and Avenue of Stocks.


Todd's HouseEdit

The house where Todd lives. It is a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house. Usually, Larry is a frequent visitor of this home. One time, Larry threw a party (Teletodd) to watch a new music video on L-MTV.

He lives there with his wife Hannah and their little sister.

Larry's houseEdit

The house where Larry lives. It is a 7-bedroom, 6-bath house. Todd is a frequent visitor to this home. It also has a cherry-themed bedroom (Larry's favorite fruit), game room, and designer room.

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