"Larry is so nice. Just as I know, he is very friendly."
-Catherine, "Catherine and the Hot Air Balloon"

Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Larry
Gender Male
Nationality American
Faction Good
Health Good
Age 24
Status Good
Location Larryburg, CA, U.S.A.
Voiced by Tello McDarra
First appearance "Larry and 8" (The Larry Show)

"Todd and Larry Roast Down A Christmas Vacation" (Todd & Larry)

Larry is the protagonist of Todd & Larry. He and Todd are the main characters of the T.V. show Todd and Larry.


He was created by Reula Ben Laden. He launched in the prequel T.V. show The Larry Show (Sep. 21, 1960 - Jul. 1, 1961). After that show was cancelled, he debuted in the T.V. show Todd & Larry (Dec. 15, 1979 - present), as the main characters (the other one is Todd).


  • In "What are we Doing" he started to walk super-fast during a flashback.
  • In "The Concert" he can sing.
  • In "The Whang Clones" he can run super-fast, fly, carry objects 3,000 times his own weight, jump several thousand feet, and climb skyscrapers (without using a ladder). He can also think faster than a person, do karate, and can do magic, comedy, etc.
  • In "A Whole New World" he can run on water.


He first appeared in the first season and appears in every season ever since.

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